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The news was old soooo

2017-07-01 01:09:44 by Arg410

So im posting this here... not much of an update but you know, thats okay...\\


okay posted a new game for #1GAM the URL is

So go love it or hate it.... but its there :)

P.S. I made it in about 3 hours

Update 7/26/2016

2016-07-26 21:09:15 by Arg410

So today I posted Pokemon NO -

And then i relized i havent made a post on here for a while.

Upcoming games: 

  • Thy Quest
  • Inner Mind

Crappy Games:

  • Pokemon NO (Posted today)
  • Farmless Farm Game
  • Life In Circles

Side games

  • HobbyHobby (Just needs a shop)
  • Sheep ate my bacon (needs weapons and a UI redo)


Over all the next posted game should be soon. It will be DOT GO HOME. I am hoping that it should be posted before the next Ludum Dare!


And speaking of Ludum Dare, I will be making some short simple game and one time posting it, I have decided that post LD isnt my thing. The projects I make are just to big, im aiming for small and simple. I will see if i can get DOT GO HOME Greenlit on steam. Its almost done, but im going to take my time to publish everything


2015-08-12 20:25:46 by Arg410

I have gone though a got rid of the most crappy of crap of my games...... Im keeping chicken click alive tho because it won UNDERDOG medal :D

Games that are still published (and why)

  • Chicken Clicker (Won medals and strangely making the most money from ads and getting daily veiws)
  • HOLD (Keeping because it wasnt completly bad, and makes me glad i made a idle game before it was really a thing) (Still want to believe that Cookie Clicker got that idea from Chicken Clicker and HOLD)
  • Losed (Truth, this one wasnt the best and if i put more time into it I could have made it a LOT bigger, which i will do in future with EPISODES, also make it somewhat better. I was going for the whole Black White Sketch look and i kind of got that, but made it so i cant add in a lot of stuff that it should have and will in future episodes. But it still stays because when future episodes come out, I want this to still be there as an orginal.
  • PixelEddy (Stay because its newer, and actually is 410Games Game, like Losed is. Also will update it in future as well, if i put time into it this could be a VERY nice pixel editor, and i plan on keeping it free!!! Which is a problem with most pixel editors now days, PRICEY!!)


Now for some titles removed (and why)

  • Giveaway (It was over, and people kept messaging me about it, nuff said) 
  • COMBO (Yes, it was a 410Games Title, but it needs some work. Overall it was mostly a test fot mobile to see how that side of the platform worked, and its clear that it works! No need for the game until its fix with more features and modes and stuff like score boards)
  • Bladed (It was a good concept...... Like Losed, it somewhat looked better on paper )
  • RGB - A Game of Color - (Again good concept. And it wasnt bad, just missing alot, wont fix wont update and there are to many similar games that do what it didnt. No need for it!)
  • Pixion  (Ugh, the bigger one...... the one i kept say was going to be done.... and it was. But then School happened and then Life happened.... I kept holding it off. Then Agixion kind of died and Arg410 Games was born which soon turned into 410Games. And Pixion just didnt HOLD on (haha, pun) But for real, Pixion was a really boring platformer that had nothing to differnt. besides the double jump like boosts, and similar things. So if i have no other ideas, then i maybe completely reinvent Pixion and make it SUPER AMAZING!!!

Thats mostly it, all other games were crap and not worth talking about..... (Crappy Hoilday Games: Christmas)



On the other hand.... I am working on SHEEP ATE MY BACON and you should see a update or post soon... 


Then I plan on working more on Project SL, 


and maybe if i need to, I might make Cupecake Lazer! (What is that??? well it goes way back to the days of Agixion!) I figured out how to make cool lazer effects and everything and was thinking about giving this another go later on....


As for Corner, It is not DEAD! I will update it and work on it, and i still do on my free time (in fact i even tested it on Android and it works great!)  But i want it to be a HUGE GAME and was thinking about doing a Kickstarter for it. But i dont have time to manage a kickstarter right now. Also want some better games out under 410Games.... Thus SHEEP ATE MY BACON and Project SL.........


This was longer than i was expecting...... Overall..... I made crappy game in the past. and I plan on fixing that with future games that are alot more fun and crazy and AWESOME!!!!! 

PixelEddy, CORNER and Bacon Madness and MORE!!!!!

2015-06-09 13:16:47 by Arg410

Just posting a new update!! 410Games is working on making lots of new game! We are currently working on 4 Differnt titles - Not including PixelEddy our new Pixel Editor -  Which we still be listening to user feedback and will be adding new features to it. PixelEddy was made in less then 24 Hours so its not bad for what it is. 

Heres a round up of the 4 games we are working on. We will work on these. But we also do more games that are for Game Jams! Here are the games::

- CORNER - Corner is a game which we have talked about on twitter. It even has its own twitter account for updates. But we havent done much with that account. But we are still working hard on the game. Its a Puzzle Game we may post a demo, we may not. Not sure at the moment. But the final game will be for multipul devices. It will be for The Web and on sites like newgrounds, we will also post it on the Chrome Webstore  as well as Windows. We could also make it for Mac and Linux also. Posting date is not clear in the moment. But we are hoping soon.

- Project SL- Talked about it once. We are Shaping the way of Platformer and Zombie games. At first it was going to be an adventure game. But slowly we kind of liked it as just a survial. So will be doing both modes. A Survial only mode will also be posted on newgrounds soon. As for the later Adventure mode is going to take a lot longer. the Survial may have a demo of what it will be like. Or we may just make the demo seprate...... Well see how things fit.

-Sheep Ate My Bacon!!!!- Ummmmm...... Preview the madness here ---- Unsure at the moment of what to do. Needs alot of work, same time it perfect how it is........ Its an anything goes type of game. May turn it into a Every Genre Type of Game. For now it will only be for the web and Newgrounds 

-Diamond Line- New game which will be focused for mobile. Genre is Casino Arcade. It will be for Android, but we will probably post a version for Newgrounds just so people can see what its like. We are working on this alot and its coming by great!! Might post update on Twitter @410Games later this week.



For now thats it. Enjoy!!!! - Arg410 - 410Games


Also if you want leave a comment with suggestions!!


2014-11-30 18:31:20 by Arg410

We are currently working on Corner, which is a simple puzzle game where you control a one pointed square to the goal of the game. It is still in works but is planned to be posted soon. For more info on our game you can fund us at We will post updates here. Or you can also follow the official game twitter account @Corner410Games. Right now we are not sure on price of the game. But it will be publish to multiple websites with HTML5 including right HERE ON NEWGROUNDS. It will also be a downloadable game to Windows, Mac OS, and LInux. It is scheduled to release sometime in 2014 or early 2015. More info will come soon.

New EP Released

2013-12-28 10:53:54 by Arg410

You can listen to the EP on my site HERE or on soundcloud HERE.

You can also buy or stream (If you have All Access) on Google Play HERE

My first song in the EP, Shot is on Newgrounds HERE

if you like, then follow me on twitter @Arg410

New Profile Update

2013-06-02 11:37:51 by Arg410

Yup as you may or may not be able to tell that i updated my Profile to the new ARG410 Glass logo

This logo is first seen Here

Which is also my new game HOLD

I know this post was useless but i made it because my profile needed a new post

TRApP3d - Coming Soon

2013-02-12 18:44:25 by Arg410

What could it be.......

Picture Because its not working here on newgrounds :/

Go and like Agixion on facebook at

There you will see the code..... First person to get it, gets it.... so go FAST

Dont forget to like Agixion, for more giveaway :)

Like for new games

2013-01-02 21:30:27 by Arg410

Hi everybody, Over at my site agixion, we havent post many games lately, but if you like us on facebook at then we will post more games.

So help out and like Agixion

In other news im working on my new game Rulez.... Its awesome :3