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Update 7/26/2016

2016-07-26 21:09:15 by Arg410

So today I posted Pokemon NO -

And then i relized i havent made a post on here for a while.

Upcoming games: 

  • Thy Quest
  • Inner Mind

Crappy Games:

  • Pokemon NO (Posted today)
  • Farmless Farm Game
  • Life In Circles

Side games

  • HobbyHobby (Just needs a shop)
  • Sheep ate my bacon (needs weapons and a UI redo)


Over all the next posted game should be soon. It will be DOT GO HOME. I am hoping that it should be posted before the next Ludum Dare!


And speaking of Ludum Dare, I will be making some short simple game and one time posting it, I have decided that post LD isnt my thing. The projects I make are just to big, im aiming for small and simple. I will see if i can get DOT GO HOME Greenlit on steam. Its almost done, but im going to take my time to publish everything


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2016-10-16 18:41:51

No matter the form, Pokemon's pretty addicting! :D Wonder if you can get all medals just by hitting random buttons btw, or if there are some secret formulas for certain combinations hidden in there?


2016-10-16 18:42:28

Just so I won't be wasting hours hitting random keys when there are secrets I should be looking for. ;)